About Me

This is a blog about vulnerability and brokenness.

But it’s no pity-party. It’s a story of immense hope.

I am a woman nearing her 30’s who manages (pretty much) to support a broken body that doesn’t work properly. Everyday. A body I used to feel I couldn’t control and had utterly betrayed me. I am here to give a voice to what it is like to live with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) a hormonal disorder that affects every area of one’s life. It is my hope through sharing openly and honestly that others may come to understand, if only in part, this increasingly prevalent and consuming disease. Yes, I will be referring to aspects of this condition that may make people uncomfortable but I would not be true to myself if I censored my feelings  or experiences. I would be doing you, the reader, an injustice as well as the many others battling similar demons daily.

Life is unsettling and messy at times. It is a fact we need to face.

I am increasingly asking what it means to be a Christian woman in an ever-changing landscape. Where do I fit into society? What does it mean to be female in the world today? I hope you will find my musings of interest and, I pray, of benefit.

Finally, (but most importantly) this is a blog about faith. I am currently living in a Christian community called Ashburnham in East Sussex (www.ashburnham.org.uk) where I have been called to serve. My identity in God, his love for me and for others is the bedrock of my existence. My story cannot be told without that one bright and fundamental thread.

Take it or leave it as you wish.

That being said, this blog is for you heavenly father – may you be glorified through its words.

I have learnt on this journey that as I decrease He surely does increase. It is through the shattered pieces of my life, my most impotent times of weakness that I sense, see and feel Him most clearly. God becomes 3D in the broken places.

I believe vulnerability to be one of the greatest strengths.

And I choose to be strong.


*(I welcome comments and discussion. Also feel free to email me at jarofclay1234@gmail.com if you would like to talk about any of the more personal issues raised) 


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